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Smiling Next To You

I wrote this during a boring day in office, in a rare moment of jobless-ness.

I liked it. It’s been long 🙂

Let me try to start

To tell you this tale, the tale of my heart

As , today, I look in amazement into my inner reflection

I find it hard to believe, that the man I see is not an illusion

Miracles to me were just a corollary to coincidence

But now I realize, they’re all real and a rule of providence

God, to me, was only a profitable entity

But he’s finally broken through to me and I see in Him , your identity

I was sent a high sign, of which I took no notice

Then, I was sent you, and I started to fall to pieces

From the very start

You had a hold on my heart

And what you’re doing to me

Makes me believe it’s really meant to be

When my throat starts to dry

I feel you pouring yourself onto me

When my heart hides, shy

You look at me and it starts to speak

And as the stars fade away, into the night sky

You and I, we will fly

You may try to hide from me, a million miles away

But you’re my shining light, so I’ll find my own way

Into your arms, to safety

Like a lonely river flows into the merry sea

I can see them now, your teardrops of joy

Like smooth white pearls rolling down a satin tie

Rein them in now, before they turn bitter

Open your eyes and see, as forever

I lie smiling next to you

To protect you from her, oh, that’s just you

In your mind, there’s the wind of power

Ride it, prepare to fight your fear

And experience once again

How it feels to conquer the pain

And then you’ll see that you’ll be

What you want to be if  you set yourself free

Come what may, don’t let the tide of time

Bring seeds of doubt that you won’t be mine

Open your eyes and see, as forever

I lie smiling next to you

And tell you how it’s an art

To speak the language of the heart.

– Rahul Gollamudi

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