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Smiling Next To You

January 12, 2010 Leave a comment

I wrote this during a boring day in office, in a rare moment of jobless-ness.

I liked it. It’s been long 🙂

Let me try to start

To tell you this tale, the tale of my heart

As , today, I look in amazement into my inner reflection

I find it hard to believe, that the man I see is not an illusion

Miracles to me were just a corollary to coincidence

But now I realize, they’re all real and a rule of providence

God, to me, was only a profitable entity

But he’s finally broken through to me and I see in Him , your identity

I was sent a high sign, of which I took no notice

Then, I was sent you, and I started to fall to pieces

From the very start

You had a hold on my heart

And what you’re doing to me

Makes me believe it’s really meant to be

When my throat starts to dry

I feel you pouring yourself onto me

When my heart hides, shy

You look at me and it starts to speak

And as the stars fade away, into the night sky

You and I, we will fly

You may try to hide from me, a million miles away

But you’re my shining light, so I’ll find my own way

Into your arms, to safety

Like a lonely river flows into the merry sea

I can see them now, your teardrops of joy

Like smooth white pearls rolling down a satin tie

Rein them in now, before they turn bitter

Open your eyes and see, as forever

I lie smiling next to you

To protect you from her, oh, that’s just you

In your mind, there’s the wind of power

Ride it, prepare to fight your fear

And experience once again

How it feels to conquer the pain

And then you’ll see that you’ll be

What you want to be if  you set yourself free

Come what may, don’t let the tide of time

Bring seeds of doubt that you won’t be mine

Open your eyes and see, as forever

I lie smiling next to you

And tell you how it’s an art

To speak the language of the heart.

– Rahul Gollamudi

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Back in black

June 24, 2009 1 comment

I hit the sack.

I’ve been too long, I’m glad to be back.

Yes I’m let loose

From the noose

That’s kept me hanging about.

This is one of my favourite songs from one of my favourite bands but I tell you, I could’ve written those lines right now without ever having listened to the song.

I feel like a free bird, all of a sudden.

Life at work sucked chocolate salty balls for a long time.

Things’ve changed though.

I never realized the impact that the environment you work in can have on your own personality and mood.

Just wanted to put in a good word or two and raise a toast to the wonderful team I’m part of, at work.

Every single one of them is incredibly insane and amazingly awesome in their own way. I wouldn’t swap a single one of them for someone else (OK, maybe one but that’s for another day).

In fact, I now enjoy going to work so much I haven’t seriously thought about leaving my job and pursuing higher studies for a while. I’ve thought about it, but not seriously for a long time (Is this actually even a good thing?).

I haven’t committed to anything for my future – I’m living in the moment and man, do I love it.

Of course, there’re plenty more reasons to rejoice too:

The slurpy thick shakes, the rocking live shows, the crazy crowd!

Life’s good.

On a side note, check out


They’re this amazing desi band who’re soon releasing their first studio album. They sound really good.

The video truly is as spankingly good as it claims!

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Saluting the heroes

November 29, 2008 Leave a comment

I’d just like to say how proud and at the same time, grateful we should be for the NSG commandos for their fearless battle against the despicable terrorists. Hats off to them all and also to the hotel staff at the Taj and Trident. They put their lives on the line to save several others. I also pay tribute to the officers who lost their lives in the battle.

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The game belongs to the fans!

November 22, 2008 2 comments

Came across something very interesting indeed today.
At a time when the richest boards and clubs (irrespective of sport really) are struggling to get the crowds in even for the big games, I’m surprised the approach of the german football federation has been largely ignored. Apparently, travel to the BUNDESLIGA (the german football league) is absolutely free. Get on a train or bus, tell them you’re going to the game (some sort of proof required, i assume). Also, beer is served on an unlimited basis in the stadiums without any fear of violence!
I think the BCCI should do something similar for test cricket here. Not like they need the money! Imagine… Free travel, cheap alcohol and food, lots of cheering and singing… magic!

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Destination Nowhere

November 18, 2008 4 comments

Someone once said “when you’re not moving forward, keep moving sideways until you find that space to suddenly surge forward”

That someone is most probably myself and I am finding it difficult to identify with my own statements. I am certainly not going forward. Going sideways doesn’t seem to be the answer either. What now? Do I punt one long in hope or do I fall over myself and fake injury?

See how I digressed there? My life and career is pretty much the same. How/when do we know what we want in life? More specifically, how do we know what we want to DO?

All you happy/blissful people out there, could you be so kind as to throw some advice at my face… I mean blog?

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Roadside Juliets

November 17, 2008 6 comments

We all know about the typical roadside romeo … No, not the dumb movie with the newly discovered dog-human species. You know, the jobless guys who occupy the neighborhood ‘pittagoda’ and basically make every girl feel like she’s being pierced with javelins. Now, imagine a ‘jamba-lakadi-pamba-fied’ world. And I narrate the following based on personal experience-

Tall, ugly guy trying to cross the road at a busy junction. He’s halfway through. Two girls approaching in his general direction on a scooter. Next thing he knows, he’s been smacked on the ass and the girls shout ‘ hey handsome! 9pm tomorrow same place’.

Odd thing is, I felt neither offended nor stupidly happy. More importantly, though, should I have actually listened to her and gone back the next day?:P

Pune is different, for sure.

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Through the lookin glass

November 13, 2008 Leave a comment

Boy, talk about an irrelevant post title.

I am posting this from my mobile 🙂
Wanted to post a very relevant cartoon but … oh well.
In loving memory of the PC.

P.s.: how idiotic is the ‘already hip’ thing at the wordpress login? Also, m.wordpress.com if you want to go mobile! 🙂

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